Moving to a new place can be an exciting experience, whether it is a new house or office. However, proper packing is crucial to ensure a stress-free move. While taking care of packing your items, it is equally important to consider the packaging material. Good quality packaging material can be expensive, especially if you have a lot to pack. If you are wondering how to get good packing material without spending too much, we have some tips for you. As experienced house removalists and office removalists in Hamilton, we suggest considering the following points to get free packing supplies and reduce your moving expenses.

Tips For Getting Free Packing Materials When Moving To A New Place

Search In Online Markets

There are many people who have just shifted, and they want to get rid of the extra packing material. So, they place it in the online markets for the people who are in need of it.

All you need to do is find or scroll in the online markets. Nowadays, the online market is growing rapidly. People shop and sell online most of the time.

You just have to search for it. You will find a lot of options there. There are many marketplaces that put up packaging material free of cost for people.

There would be many listings made by people who have moved to a new place and now they have some of the packaging material left. There are many online marketplaces on the internet.

Ask Your Friends & Family To Help You

There might be a chance that any of your friends or family members have some of the packaging material left in their storerooms, as many people have this good habit of not throwing the leftover material in the garbage. They keep them safely in the storerooms.

In the end, it is an admirable trait for the future. Apart from the friends and family members, there would be many people in any community group of your locality.

Check on them also. Remember, the more people you ask, the more chances of getting free material. Call or email everyone and ask them to help you.

Make A Post For Your Purpose

Apart from your knowledge, how everyone else will get to know that you require packaging material, but you cannot go and ask each one of them.

It is not possible. So, you can create a post for the online marketplaces. This will help you to gather more people to know about your situation.

Do Not Forget To Check Any Recycling Drop-Off Points

In many places, the government has made some recycling drop-off points for people who want to get rid of extra materials like cardboard boxes, seal tapes and many more.

So, you can go to those points nearby to your location and get the items available. But, we want to clarify that not every drop-off point would be in good condition. You are requested not to have high hopes for the place.

There would be some points where you might get disappointed after seeing the situation of the place. Some of them would have a sign indicating that maybe dumping is not allowed.

Well! In that case, you will have to look somewhere else. One more thing to remember is that you will not find cardboard boxes in a good state all the time.

Check The Stores Of Your Locality

Do not forget to check the local stores of your place in any case. Ask them about the packaging material. Some store owners keep the extra packaging material in a corner. As they receive the cardboard boxes on a daily basis for their business, you can ask them if they have kept the box safe.

Check at least every big or small retail store, bookstore, beverage shop, and general grocery store. All of them get many shipments daily. There is an excellent chance for you to find the free packaging material here.

Keep the local business owners at the top of your list.

Take A Look In Your Office

Meanwhile, when finding the material everywhere else, do not forget the office. Offices receive or send many couriers and packages daily.

There is a chance that there might be some leftovers present in the room to recycle cardboard boxes and packaging material.

You may also get the bubble wraps there. Make sure you take the permission of the office head even before checking the storeroom.

Attend Anyone’s Sale Offer

There are many people who want to get rid of the extra items in their house. Nowadays average houses are not that big to keep every extra item there.

So, people generally put on the yard or garage sales to give discounts to people to attract the crowd. You should be attentive and updated to know about these kinds of yard and garage sales.

If you know anyone hosting the sale in the upcoming days, you must attend it. Go there, and you will get a lead. The sale hosts might have already arranged a large amount of packaging material.

They can give you the left packing material later. It may include significant or small cardboard boxes, seal tapes, and various wraps. Tell them about your thoughts clearly, and there would be a chance for you to get it free.

Keep All The Electric Appliances Cartons & Cardboard Boxes

Before you plan on moving out to a new place, start saving the boxes and packet coverings. Include this in your habit. Whenever you get a courier or mail at your house, just keep the packets in the storeroom or at one corner of the house.

There are slight chances that you might receive different cardboard boxes in a month. There would be packing paper inside every box, and it is also equally important. Save it too.

So, instead of throwing the boxes and the packing paper anywhere, keep them safe in your house. It can be reused easily during the preparations of moving. Also, keep the original packaging of every item.

Especially whenever you buy any electronic item, keep its original packaging safe. Original box or packaging has many extra coverings from inside to keep the item safe during transportation. So, it is better if you save it for later use.

To help you more, we have also listed out some don’ts to keep in mind while getting the free packaging material.

You just cannot go and take all the free material available. Before taking the material to your home, there are some don’ts to keep in mind.

Do Not Take The Smelly Boxes

Just say no to the owner of the boxes are smelly. If the box has any type of typical odor, then do not take that box to your home. There is a possibility that boxes you can find in the drop-off points or any recycling bin may have an unpleasant smell.

So, if you do not want your belongings to smell the same, then avoid taking these types of materials to your house.

Do Not Take The Boxes Which Are Not In Good Shape

When you ask for pre-used boxes from anyone, they may not be in good shape. Well! In that case, we will suggest you avoid taking such boxes.

If the box has been cut from any side, then it will not be safe for your belongings to keep in it. Also, if you find any box wet or torn, then these also are not good to save for later.

Such boxes won’t be able to hold the weight of your belongings for a longer time. So, Give a look at the boxes before taking them to your house. Make sure the boxes are dry and in better condition.

Follow The Rules And Be Aware Of Strangers

There would be many stores that might have rules not to allow anyone in their trash area. They also put the cameras in that place to watch the strangers for any unknown activity.

So, you must take permission from the store owners before checking their trash area. Make sure you follow the rules made by them.

Do not force them to give you free material if they are not allowed. Also, be a bit attentive and do not fall into anyone’s trap searching for free items.

Avoid being careless. Be a little cautious while asking for anyone’s help in this case. If you have arranged to get the material from any online marketplaces, then go and meet them in a public place only, and that too in the daytime.

It would be safe for you. Do not do any unnecessary transactions to any unknown.


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