There is always a hassle while moving from one place to the other. It has never been easy to move alone or with family. Moving gives you a very different experience.

You do not get to learn anything if you are not able to understand the needs of the task. It is essential to keep the do’s and don’ts in mind while moving from one place to another.

It helps to work accordingly in a precise manner. Nowadays, it is not a big thing to keep any electronic gadget at home. We can see more than one electronic item in every house.

People are getting more technology-driven. But, there is one point in all this, it is about the moving. When moving, it is very tough to take all the electronic gadgets to the new location. While you’ll be getting tangled, we, as Hamilton Removalists, will appear to help you.

We are Hamilton Removalists, and we will tell you the do’s and don’ts of packaging in the best way. We are working to offer you the most pleasurable moving experience possible.

Everyone is using high technology-driven equipment on a daily basis. For the people who have not experienced moving before, we understand that you must be having many queries in your mind, but you do not have to worry about anything as long as we are here for you.

Expert Tips for Moving with Electronics: Your Guide to a Safe Move

Packing Your Essential Items Like Computers

Computers are easily breakable, and that’s why one needs to be very careful while packing them for the relocation. It would be best if you were prepared before the relocation.

It is vital to keep all your data safe and prepare a backup of all your data. If possible, keep a copy of every important file or data into an external drive for second-hand safety.

Label all the cables and connectors before taking them out because if you do not do this, later it will drop you in a confusion of what to plug in where. So, you should label all of the cords and cables A, B or C and so on.

If you have the old packing box of the computer, then keep all its parts in that box carefully. If you don’t have the old packages, then leave them to us. We are the proud Hamilton Removalists, and we will provide you with everything you need.

When it comes to the monitors, if you have a cardboard sheet, place it in front of the main screen. This one step will save your monitor’s screen from any damage before keeping the whole computer in a big box.

Keep all the computer units like a mouse, keyboard, CPU, etc., safe. These are the essential parts of the computer.

Packing Items Like Printers Or Fax Machine

These are the electronic items that have ink portions inside them. Now, you have to take care if you are moving in minor warm weather conditions, take the ink plates out of the printer.

If you have a big leakproof bag, then keep the ink plates in it. It will keep your other items clean, just in case if leakage happens.

When it comes to a fax machine, make sure the Buttons of it don’t get damaged. It will be good to take the inked plate out of the fax machine, just like the printer.

There are many types of printers and fax machines available in the market, and people use various kinds for their usage; it will be vital for you to check the user manual before placing it in the boxes.

Big Screen Televisions Or Plasma Tv’s

People have always been a fan of binge-watching their favourite movies or dramas. They love going to theatres. But, now technology has made this easier for everybody.

There are now big-screen televisions available, which makes the experience more vast and grand. Everything is great until you think about moving to a new location with that big television.

When the package comes near, then you should have that old packaging of it. If you have the original and first packaging with you, then keep the television in it only. You may need to have television crates, and it is specifically designed for this purpose.

Our team of Hamilton Removalists provide you with this item also. Our team has many television crates in the stores. In case if you require any, we will help you with this also apart from the relocation.

Our main priority is to keep your television screen safe, so that later after the relocation you can enjoy your favourite shows.

Keep your precious things in a big box. Do not forget to label each cord carefully. Label every cord and cable with A, B, C and so on. It will help you later in fixing the television in the new location.

We can also help you with this. Our team is well experienced and will care for your precious plasma ones and the LCD or LEDs.

Do not forget to keep all the necessary accessories with the television itself. Make sure your television doesn’t get damaged in all this because the television is going to be inside the truck for long hours.

Use Proper Big Or Small Boxes

While moving, one thing is necessary, and that is keeping all the objects in the safe boxes. You can use cardboard boxes, also called carton boxes, for this. The boxes should be a little thick so that the object inside them won’t get damaged.

Electronic items are safe in their original boxes and packaging. There is a reason behind it; every company gives thick foam coated big-sized cardboard boxes for refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, etc.

All these come in a big box of cardboard which has a double coating of foam and lots of extra cardboard pieces. This is all to keep the object safe during transportation. It will keep the item safe, even if the truck moves on a poorly constructed road.

It would be fine if you kept the original packaging of your electronic item with you, but, in case you missed it, do not waste time searching it anymore because our professional team of Hamilton Removalists facilitates the clients with all they do need.

We have many extra packaging materials of various sizes, big or small, for your electronics.

Bubble Wraps, Seal Tapes And Packaging Foam

Whenever you purchase any electronic item, the dealer gives it in a packed box with seal tapes. Seal tapes are essential to apply to the box that you will pack before moving also, and this keeps the item safe. Few good quality seal tapes are also waterproof so that water doesn’t reach inside the electronic gadget.

Whenever you pack any electronic item in a carton, make sure you pack it properly with good quality seal tapes. One more invention is beneficial, and that is various types of wraps. There are many wraps available in the market, like vacuum wrap, bubble wrap, etc.

Bubble wrap is one by which you can wrap your electronics, and it will keep the item safe from any external damage like water, scratch or cut on any part.

Bubble wrap is made up of transparent plastic material and is commonly used for packing fragile objects. It provides a comfortable cushion-type space for any fragile item.

It can take a lot of pressure on itself by popping out the air-filled bubbles, and it keeps the gadget safe even after you put a big heavy box on top of it.

Packaging foam is also one material that is available in every market. It comes in a prominent sheet-type structure, and you can cut it into any shape or size according to your requirements or the size of your electronic item.

Packaging foam has no particular shape, and it is easy to cut. If you pack your electronics with packaging foam before putting them into the box, then your gadget will be safe from any accidents.

Packaging foam comes in different types in the market like sheets, foam rolls, sponge rolls. It can be customized according to your electronics.

Hamilton Removalists have all the above-available material for your easy access. We provide each one of them to our clients, and even our team helps in packaging & Unpackaging. We pack every electronic item carefully.

Cleaning Before Packing

Electronic items are more likely to have voids and spaces in their not mainly designed structure. Dust can damage your gadget very severely, and it can cause damage to the main parts of the electronics. So, before packing any electronics, clean it properly with a duster or else.

Take your time to clean every item carefully before final packaging. Make sure you clean out every cobweb, dust or dirt which can even damage the screen.

Sometimes dirt goes inside the spaces and small passages in the electronics, and you can use power vacuum cleaners to remove all the inside dirt or dust. After all, clean all the electronic items with a cloth and then start the final packing.

We provide end of tenancy cleaning services in hamilton. Contact us now for more information.

Remove All Pre Plugged Accessories

Before packing, it is crucial to remove all the already plugged accessories and parts. Many electronics now come with different extra accessories.

Take every extra part or accessory out of the central unit. Ensure you keep safe items like cords, cables used for input or output, any extra attachment with the front unit.

Lastly, check if there are any discs available like Blu- ray discs and DVDs discs. Do not keep these accessories and parts in the same box where you’ve kept the central unit of the electronic.

Maybe during the transportation, it can stick to the primary unit and can cause damage to its screen. Keep all these accessories and parts in a separate plastic or cardboard box. Cover it with packaging foam or with bubble wrap to keep it protected during the move.

Paste Labels To Each Box

Labelling will be a practical step after the packing of electronics at your new place. Put labels on every box that you have packed, and write the names of the packed items.

It will be beneficial when you search for any particular item after the process of relocating. Put labels on the box of cords or cables separately.

It will prove to be a great help for yourself when you look for some particular part or accessory of any electronic gadget to fix at your new place. Make sure the labels are covered with waterproof tape or something like that for the same purpose.

Keep Your Electronic Items In A Dry And Cool Place

It would be the last but essential step in your packaging of electronics. If you keep your electronics in a humid or warm place, this will have a high potential risk of getting your item damaged.

You better look for any place which has the right amount of temperature. It will be best if you keep the item in a cool and dry place.

For this purpose, our company Hamilton Removalists, has the best storage units to keep your electronics safe for this purpose.


Our storage units are safe if you want to keep your electronics, and we also offer single item removal service and storage units spaces even for long terms. All we want is customers’ electronics to be safe, secure and damage-free.

We hope that our tips prove as good for you while packaging electronics.

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