You may be confused about what to pack and how to pack it correctly. Packing appears to be the most challenging part of the relocation, especially when moving full house belongings. And that is perfectly natural because a home contains all sorts of stuff, and packing generally becomes complicated and exhausting.

However, if you want to move securely and easily without raising your overall house moving costs, you must conduct the sorting and packing correctly. You must select goods based on their use and significance in daily life.

On the other hand, you’ll want to keep your packing costs as low as possible, which means you’ll have to pack part of your stuff yourself. In fact, packing anything you can on your own is one of the most efficient ways to reduce moving expenses because professional packing services can increase the entire cost of your move.

There are numerous home things that you can pack yourself without worrying about them being destroyed during the transfer. Why? Most of the objects you should pack yourself are precious and have high sentimental value, so it is recommended to pack them without hiring expert movers and packers.

Essential 7 Items That You Should Back Yourself Without Any Assistance

1. Jewelry Items

The majority of your jewelry will be both pricey and delicate, and to avoid getting into problems, always pack your jewelry yourself. Furthermore, some of those decorations will be quite costly or even priceless, like in the case of family heirlooms passed down through generations. As a result, your jewelry has no place in the hands of strangers or movers, and it is better to pack them yourself.

Even if your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are delicate and fragile, you can secure them quite well by utilizing good quality packing boxes and seal bags and keeping them with you to avoid theft and loss.

2. Food Items

Before the relocation, you’ll need to determine how much food you have in the house. The thought of inventorying all food supplies may sound strange at first, but it is necessary to have a strong strategy in place to avoid food waste during the house relocation.

The fact is that after you’ve determined what you have, you should be able to determine where each food item will go. Moreover, food that can’t be kept for a long period without a refrigerator should be consumed before the relocation, and the rest of the food items can be kept in normal cardboard boxes. These small tasks help your move to be easier and more cost-effective.

3. Clothes And Footwear

In most circumstances, you wouldn’t want strangers searching through your things – your clothes are personal stuff, and you’d feel uneasy if someone else touched them. And, because garments are not breakable and cannot be harmed during a relocation, you should pack your clothes rather than hiring professional packers.

Expensive designer clothing is best packed within wardrobe boxes, which give great protection against dust, grime, dampness, and, of course, creases. Wardrobe boxes aren’t inexpensive ($13 for a large one), but you can create your own too.

4. Small Portable Devices

Don’t forget to bring all your portable gadgets like chargers, portable speakers, earphones, and many others since your phone or laptop will be worthless without them. And, if you believe you can use another charger, please keep in mind that using the wrong charger or one of poor-quality harms things often, so it is best to keep the necessary gadgets on hand.

Small devices are very handy, so packing them by yourself should be the best way to know where you keep them and get them when you need them to use. 

You can pack your portable devices by wrapping them in bubble wrap and then placing them in cardboard boxes. In this way, you will easily safeguard your devices from getting misplaced and can save a few dollars on their packing.

5. Essential Medications

Packing your medication is the essential thing ever, and doing it by yourself is the best way to pack the correct medications of yours. Medicines can be needed anytime, so packing them properly is very crucial. Aside from first aid supplies, you and your family members may have been prescribed medications that you should always include in your backpack. 

Carry the medicines and previous test results with you as well. Because you may not be able to contact your previous doctor due to the relocation, you will need to see a new doctor if you have any health issues. So, it is also recommended that you bring previous medications and test results with you so that the doctor can fully understand your medical history and treat you appropriately in the event of a health emergency.

6. Important documents

Important documents should also be packed by yourself without taking any help from outside. As these documents are confidential and letting any other person pack them won’t make any sense. So you’d better pack your important documents by yourself and take them with you to the new place. 

Ultimately, packing your important documents by yourself will give you peace of mind that you’re the only one who has access to personal ID, property-related papers, financial records, moving-related bills, and so on.

Collect your documents for relocation and pack them safely in small moving boxes or binders. Whatever you choose to pack your essential papers, just keep them close to yourself throughout the journey.

To Conclude

Packing your essential and valuable goods yourself is one of the most effective strategies to save moving costs and achieve peace of mind that your personal things are safe with you. This is how you can make your relocation cheap and hassle-free.

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