Soon to move? Be prepared to lift bulky moving boxes if you’re considering a DIY move. Lighter parcels won’t be too tricky, but heavier (and possibly larger) ones will be. Before moving, we strongly suggest reading about the proper method to lift a box if you’re unsure how to do it. Otherwise, you risk suffering from neck and back injuries, in addition to having very aching legs.

Muscle strain and back injuries always result from improperly lifting large items. Unfortunately, doing so can prepare you for a lifetime of back pain and muscle discomfort. Fortunately, if you’re in Hamilton, there are professional removalists available to help. Whether you need house removalists or office removalists in Hamilton, they have the expertise to move your belongings safely and efficiently.

If you do decide to move yourself, we’ve provided instructions for lifting boxes safely. These instructions will show you the best practices for moving heavy boxes without hurting yourself. Here’s how to handle a box properly, from placing them on the truck to bringing them inside the house.

7 Tips To Carry Heavy Moving Boxes Appropriately

1. Buy Study Boxes

You must buy sturdy boxes that are able to support the weight of the items placed inside them to ensure the safe loading of containers. Lifting is less stressful when the box is built of high-quality, long-lasting materials because you have a firm grasp on it and aren’t continuously worried that it may fall open the moment you lift it off the ground.

So, before you pack and seal the box, ensure it’s good quality. Pack only lightweight products in light or weak boxes to make lifting and moving more accessible.

2. Request Assistance From Your Family & Friends

If you have a history of back issues or cannot carry the weight on your own, you should refrain from lifting big objects by yourself. If you can’t handle the hefty lifting on your own, enlist the aid of your loved ones. It’s a wise decision to enlist the assistance of certain relatives or friends to assist with the heavy lifting while organizing a do-it-yourself relocation. 

If a friend or family member cannot help you move, we advise obtaining moving day help from expert movers and packers from a trusted moving company like Hamilton Removalists. Professional movers are trained to do the heavy lifting and have various equipment that makes the lifting and loading of boxes effortless.

 3. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Moving day is a prime time for accidents, including cuts, sprains, and muscle strains in the neck and back. The most accessible approach to prevent all of this is by dressing appropriately from head to toe.

Dress comfortably by wearing loose-fitting t-shirts and yoga trousers. Instead of synthetic or nylon, which feels suffocating, choose cotton, which is stretchable and absorbs sweat. Avoid wearing jeans or other tight clothing that restricts your ability to bend at the knees, as you’ll often be sitting when shifting boxes.

Choose closed-toe sneakers or sports shoes to prevent your feet and heels from both inside and outside harm. These shoes should provide full protection, decent cushioning, and a good grip on the sole. Do not wear sandals, heels, or open-toed shoes; your feet might be more vulnerable to injury. 

 4. Keep The Passage Clean & Open

In addition to being complex, running into barriers while lugging big boxes puts everyone involved in the move in danger. Therefore, clean and clear the entire route from the home to the truck to guarantee the products are transported effectively. This will make it easier to transport the objects back and forth and ensure their complete safety as well as your own.

 5. Kneel While Maintaining A Straight Back

It is important to remember that lifting boxes off the ground requires a lot of physical effort and can be harmful if not done correctly. Therefore, you must employ the correct lifting procedures to avoid any accidents and potential harm to the products placed inside those moving boxes.

 You must be cautious not to lift more than you can bear, even when using proper lifting techniques. If you think a box is too heavy for you to lift and carry, let it be and either enlist the aid of a friend or utilize a moving dolly.

 6. Maintain A Firm Hold

Using your legs’ powerful muscles is essential, but you must also ensure you have a firm grasp on each box before lifting it into the air. Wear sturdy work gloves to increase your hold on the boxes and safeguard your hands while you move.

 For a firm hold on the cardboard containers, search for and select any box handles or side apertures. If none are accessible, tightly grip the box with your fingers tucked under the bottom and lift the box firmly.

7. Examine And Gauge The Box’s Weight

We advise weighing the package first before attempting to lift it. To achieve this, stop down and take up a portion of the box to determine its total weight. You’ll probably need help or special tools to move the box if you can’t raise even a small portion of it. Go straight to professional movers if you believe you can lift the box’s weight on your own.

Do You Need Specialized Tools For Heavy Lifting?

You can hire a dolly or hand truck from the majority of truck rental firms. You may even rent a hand truck or dolly from U-Haul separately from one of their moving trucks. Additionally, you can rent moving mats, dollies for appliances, and other tools.

But don’t you think renting all these tools can cost you more? Instead, hire expert movers and packers to assist you in heavy-item removals. Moving firms like Hamilton Removalists own various types of moving tools and equipment to make your move easy and manageable and do not charge anything extra for these tools and equipment.


We recommend using the above tips to lift heavy boxes easily during your DIY move unless you should hire trustworthy removalists like Hamilton Removalists, where you can get expert packers and movers who will do the heavy lifting for you at a reasonable cost.

So, leave the hassle of lifting heavy boxes and contact us today.

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