Moving house is a bustling task to perform. It would be best if you make ready a hell of a lot of things before moving. Moving a house is a time-consuming task.

It would be best to prepare for moving a few weeks before the actual move. You need to make a list of specific things before moving your house.

Certain kinds of things need to be cleared out before the actual moving day. The main thing among them is cleaning the kitchen before the move because you have to clean all your appliances before the actual move or after, so it would be best if you move it a few weeks before the actual move.

And also, you will not like to pack dirty items in your moving packages, and if you let this work for after the move, it will only add up to your workload.

Cleaning the kitchen takes a lot of time. The kitchen is that part of the house that we use daily, so how to start cleaning it is a stressful thing. So let us tell you a few essential things about cleaning your kitchen before house removal services.

Importance of Cleaning Your Kitchen Before Moving

Gather Cleaning Supplies

The first thing you need to get to clean your kitchen is gathering all the needed cleaning supplies for your kitchen. You will get some of them at your home, and if not, you will need to buy them from the market.

There are different kinds of cleaning products you will need to clean your kitchen, depending upon the type of your appliances. Types of cleaning supplies you will need are:-

For better cleaning of your appliances and floor, you will need:-

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Table salt
  • Lemons

Clean Your Kitchen From Top To Bottom

The easiest way to clean your kitchen is to clean it from top to bottom. Cleaning from top to bottom is the correct pattern to clean any room because when you clean your top area first, all the dirt of that area will fall, and then you will get to clean all the areas step by step. Working in this way, you will not have to clean one area twice, which will save you a lot of time.

Following a specified pattern while cleaning will save your time and make your work less stressful. Either you want to leave your old home cleaned or clean your appliances beforehand moving to the new home.

Clean The Kitchen Walls

After cleaning the top areas of your kitchen, it’s time to pay attention to the walls. There are specific vital areas that you need to consider like, before the gate, below or nearby the light areas, or nearby the corners, etc.

You first need to clean that area using dustier, and if your kitchen walls are painted, then you will also clean them up by using scrub but keep in mind not to rub that sponge too harshly on the walls as it will increase the risk of getting the paint out of the wall.

Make sure to clean every wedge of the wall step by step and follow a direction-based pattern. You can either go from left to right or right to left according to the needs that suit you best.

Clean The Cabinets

After cleaning the outer part of the kitchen, you will have to clean the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets get cleaned very rarely. So it is the best time to clean every part of your kitchen.

For cleaning cabinets, you will need to use all-purpose cleaning products. Just spray them on the cabinets and wipe them out using soft towels until they dry. Follow a specified pattern of work while cleaning your kitchen, which will save you a lot of time.

Clean The Countertops

Your kitchen will never look clean even after cleaning all the necessary parts and areas until your countertops are not cleaned. So cleaning your countertops is an essential part of cleaning your kitchen.

Your countertops can be of any material, and if you go to look for a reliable cleaning product, it must consume some time. So, we suggest you use all-purpose cleaners and paper towels in this case.

You can also use a knife from your kitchen to wipe out dark and deep stains. When you clean your surface with a knife, make sure not to scratch your delicate surface and work carefully while doing so.

Clean Glass Elements And Major Kitchen Appliances

To properly clean your kitchen, you will need to thoroughly clean all the glass elements and major kitchen appliances like refrigerator, oven, etc. Clean all these items thoroughly, starting from dusting to cleaning them using a sponge and water.

Doing all these cleanings systematically will help you less down your workload in future and will save you a lot of time.


As you know that cleaning plays a vital role in moving a house. You have to do it anyhow, after or before. So doing it a few weeks before actual moving will save you time.

But cleaning your kitchen is not an easy task to perform. You have to arrange all the things beforehand and do all the arrangements and things by yourself. You may even have to take a day off from your work to do this task.

So if you want to bring off yourself from doing all these stressful things, you can also hire hamilton cleaning services. They will offer you all the necessary cleaning services in your budget according to your individual needs.

They will clean all your kitchen appliances professionally and will save you a lot of time along with energy. You can give them a specified time, and they will provide their expert services in your given time.

You can also modify and customize your services as per your needs. To compare different options and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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