Are you moving cross country? You know the decision to transfer overseas is not easy and will be a huge life change. While preparing for this decision, you may wonder, “How long does it take to migrate internationally?” How long should you expect to spend from the moment you decide to migrate to another country and the time you arrive in your new home?

The solution to this question is not that straightforward but considering a few factors of relocation, you can calculate the estimated time of moving from one country to another. The time it takes to migrate overseas is dictated by the nation you are leaving, the country you are transferring to, how you choose to transport your belongings, and how difficult it will be to obtain visas, find work, and clear customs.

Here in this blog, we discuss the primary factors that can vary the total time of moving cross country. Read on and know how much time is needed for an international relocation.

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The Time Needed For An International Move

International relocation can carry on for 1 to 3 months, along with the time needed to find a home inside the target country that fulfills your needs, creating an inventory list with the home furnishings and belongings that you want to bring with you, packing the valuables, transporting them to the destination house.

We may say that the average time to migrate to a new country is six weeks. However, it should be remembered that this period may be prolonged or shortened depending on several circumstances that must be addressed.

The time needed to move to another country depends upon the following conditions:

1. Number Of Items You Are Moving

Do you need to send merely a few boxes, or will you be shipping a full home’s worth of belongings through foreign customs? The number of belongings you must bring to your new nation will determine the time length of your relocation. If you have several belongings to move, the packing will take a long time, and the relocation will take much longer.

If you can simplify your stuff and get rid of whatever you don’t need, your relocation will be much easier and faster. Making a moving list is the best way to make your move a lot faster.

2. Advance Planning Of Your Move

It is critical to arrange every aspect of your house relocation many weeks in advance. Numerous tasks must be accomplished, which can be overwhelming. Therefore creating a complete plan of your move at first will be helpful to you. If things have gotten out of hand, you can check you can recorrect your plan to get back on track.

Your advance planning should consider all the factors of moving from old house relocation to establishing utilities in the new home, and your moving list contains all the stuff that you need or that you don’t need to move. Moreover, also consider the moving expenses to get an accurate idea of the total cost of moving internationally. Then things that you should pack at last and many other questions. 

Making a plan in advance and booking professional movers and packers makes your moving task convenient and helps you to complete the move timely. So, planning and working out the task and writing them in a list make your move easier.

3. The Destination Of Your New House

The place where you are moving can vary the time needed for an international move. For example, if you are staying in New Zealand and you are moving to Australia, then it may not take much of your time, but if from New Zealand you are moving to America, then it becomes a very long journey and will take a long to move there. So the longer the journey, the more time is needed as moving your items safely to your expected destinations takes time.

Also, some countries have more stringent and complicated immigration laws than others, and you will have to fill out more paperwork and jump through more hoops before you can migrate there. The relocation will be greatly lengthened as a result of this. You may shorten the process by ensuring that all immigration forms are filled out correctly and that you understand all of the requirements.

4. Chosen Transportation Medium Of Goods Relocation

The duration of your transfer will vary substantially depending on whether you choose to transport your things via air, sea, or land. 

For example, if you were transferring your three-bedroom house belongings from New Zealand to Australia, it would take around 4-5 days by road. The expense of carrying them by road would be around $3000 to $3,900. Shipping the goods by water would cost between $2,000 and $2500 and take between 20 days. Finally, sending the things by air would take 5-6 days and cost between $5,000 and $6,000. 

If you are relocating overseas, you may not be able to ship your belongings by land. For an overseas house transfer to a more distant location, the time it takes to carry your goods by air and water would be much more noticeable.

How Can You Move Internationally In Less Time?

There is no magic stick that makes you relocate to another country in 1-2 days, but selecting a professional moving company who knows all the ways to make your move faster. Professional movers are experienced, trained, and have great knowledge in this field and can reduce some days from your estimated time.

Professionals understand how to transfer objects that you may not load, unload or pack correctly. They employ the proper tools and equipment to ease and accelerate the relocation process without harming any of your belongings.


Moving overseas is no doubt a time-consuming process, but considering these factors and advance planning can make your relocation smoother and faster. Aside from this, hiring a competent international removal company like Hamilton Removalists can also help you to move quickly. So wherever you are planning to move, think upon these things and move ahead.

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