People who have a need to relocate their single item are generally worried because they cannot find a good option to accomplish it. However, if you are also worried about the relocation of your particular items, then this content is just right for you.

Many moving companies have cheap additional services where you can avail the option of moving any single item or a few boxes. You can choose the best and most reliable movers for you and safely deliver your single item. But still, we would like to advise you that it is important to know how many things are confirmed to move. This will help you not waste time thinking about what to give the movers to shift and what not to do.

For no further confusion, we at Hamilton Removalists will let you know some details of single or small removals, how you can hire movers to move any single item and where to find a professional single-item mover to assist you. So keep reading!

What Is A Small/Single Item Removal Service & Its Needs?

A small removal or single-item move basically covers a situation where you want a few of your goods to move to another place for some reason. You might require a small removal service more frequently than you realize. Here are some following examples of small moves where people need professional assistance from movers and packers:

  • Roommates who require a few goods, such as a sofa, couch, or mattress, to be moved. 
  • Sometimes renters need to make room for out-of-town visitors by storing belongings in storage for a month when they remain over. 
  • Partial moving demands, such as huge, heavy, and precious goods that must be carefully packed and handled, 
  • University students that are residing in university accommodations must have their belongings transferred to storage or back home.
  • Large, difficult-to-transport objects and commercial goods that required professionally packed and moved.
  • Families who wish to free up space but are not ready to move might put their items in storage.
  • Need to move a few boxes that are left for relocation.

All of the above are some examples of a small move. These are the basic reasons why people need a small move. Do any of such scenarios come to your mind? If this is the case and you need to make a minor relocation, the good news is that you are not required to do it alone!

What Includes In The Single Item Moving?

A single-item move is an appropriate part of relocation services, and this is wonderful for you to get the most seamless process of moving any single or few objects. Let’s read what the services involved in the single-item moving service are.

Pre-Move Survey: If you choose any removal company for moving your small goods or a single item, they conduct a pre-move survey to look at the condition of the object. It is an essential beginning step of any single item moving.

Packaging: Packaging involves covering your object with a protective layer so that it can be transported safely. It is pretty obvious why you are planning to move a single item, and it can be because the object is pretty valuable to you. So, keeping it safe is important.

Loading: Lifting and loading a big or heavy-weight object is undoubtedly tougher than any other item. But, with the help of modern tools, it becomes an easier step to load the object inside the truck smoothly.

Unloading: Unloading is also an essential step of moving, and if it is not done properly, then there is a chance of severe damage to the item. So, in this second last step of single item moving, unloading the object carefully is needed.

Unpacking: A specific or big-size single item requires a professional way of unpacking after the move. It also further undergoes disassembling the object at your place.

A single-item move is commenced for your comfort. So, all of the services included in the single-item removals service will work like a savior.

How To Find A Removalist For A Single Item Moving?

Whatever the situation, transferring a single object looks straightforward enough; all you need is assistance if the object is too big or heavy for you to lift and carry. Since the object you wish to move has a significant emotional or financial value, you don’t want to take the chance of breaking it. For this purpose, hire professional movers and packers through the given ways below:

Research: Doing good research for any purpose never goes wrong. If you are looking for a moving company that can help you with a single item moving for a long or short distance, research will be extremely helpful. In order to find reliable and trustworthy movers, only careful research would let you know which removalists are actively working in your city.

Ask Friends And Family: You are definitely not the first one who is moving to a new place; there are many like you who have already done this many times. Ask your friends, family members, coworkers, and even people living near you about any moving company they might have used recently. Get the number from them and call the moving company they have recommended, and ask them if they can help you in moving a single item or not.

Arrange Quotes: Finding a good company also depends on which one fits your budget. Only a pocket-friendly company can make you happy in the end. Because you will be satisfied that everything is relocated safely without giving you the stress of over expenses, hence, get quotes from your nearby removalists so that you can calmly select one.

Choose The Specialties: You can choose the moving company on the basis of their experience, amount of good and modern tools and equipment, extra services, insurance coverages, etc.


Moving a single item is sometimes a necessary action. It can be because you are in a hurry to deliver a single item to some other place. We hope from this blog, you get everything related to small or single-item removal services. So whenever you require to move a single item, follow these tips. 

Also, if you are living in Hamilton or any part of New Zealand, Hamilton Removalists is one such moving company that has been working for many years to help people transport their small to large-scale goods to the desired location.

We have the top-notch packing materials, specialized moving tools, expert knowledge, and wealth of experience needed to transport your single item safely. Single-item moving is our one additional service, which is fabulous for you to use anytime. 

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