Moving to a new place is a dream for many, and you’ve probably already gathered enough knowledge on what to do for a move. But now, we’re here to tell you about what you should do right after moving in.

Isn’t it interesting? You need to be very specific after you move in. After you’ve moved in, there will be real struggles. You can’t just know the exact way to start your life after stepping inside the new location.

Everybody has their way of starting a new life in a new house. We understand your feelings when you’ve just landed in the new house with all your things and then find no idea what to do next. It happens with a lot of people because they don’t prioritize their work. You need to plan very smartly.

Our team of house removalists and furniture removalists in Hamilton works in the same field. We work for our customer’s satisfaction and don’t give them any chance for complaint even after the move is made. We’re always ready to help our clients 24×7.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to do right after you move in. If you plan accordingly, then there will be no problem. People usually focus more on the shifting and forget to think about the after days of moving.

They don’t give the after plans as much consideration as they give to the before plans. Moving is a different experience, and you can’t afford any mistakes in between. Taking risks on any step is not applicable here.

Your relocation experience should be smooth and swift. You better not miss anything that will create a nuisance afterward. We hope that everything mentioned here will give you a well-structured idea of the best way you should do right after moving in.

Tips For What To Do Right After Moving In To A New Place

Do A Quick Inspection

When you have just moved in, and you haven’t decided what to do next, then do one thing, take a quick look at your new house. Inspect everything is possible.

Notice everything that is kept here and there. We are very sure that when you reach your new house, there will be a lot of packed cardboard boxes waiting for you.

You will see everything stuck here and there with huge boxes piled up on top of one. By seeing this scenario, anyone’s mind would get boggled. This is why we are suggesting you do a real quick inspection of your place.

You must evaluate everything according to what you have seen at the time while choosing the new location. Look at what is already there, like all the furniture, sofas, cupboards, tables, kitchen accessories, etc.

Make plans in your mind about where you will keep your belongings later. By doing this, you will also know what new you need to buy to place everything perfectly.

Make A New Checklist After Relocation

It’s essential to make a new to-do list for the place you have moved in. Add every important thing’s name to it. Make that list very smartly. It must consist of each item name and the new ones you get, and the ones you found pre-existing in the house.

Just after moving in, you’ll have a lot of work to do, like unpacking every item and replacing the furniture as per the choice and need. It takes time to make that house your dream place.

Making a checklist will make it much easier to know what you have done and what is still left to do.

Take A Picture Of Every Corner

Now, as you took a tour of the house and made a checklist of everything there already and the things you brought there, we want to give you the advice to take a picture of every side of the house.

Do not miss any corner of the place. Take photographs without changing the place of any object there. Make sure you click clear photos of every area, especially ones that are creating problems for you.

It will help you later to find out the best solution for your house. Also, you can show it to the broker in case they resist admitting the issue.

Check The Locks And Security Handles

Sometimes the locks of the main door and the other doors of the house don’t work correctly. Security handles also get broken up by any external cause. So, it’s better after you step in.

Just take a look at the doors and all the security handles. On the first day at your new home, you’ll be busy unpacking all the items, so you may probably forget about security, which is the most important thing.

Check All The Boxes

After clicking all the pictures of the house and making a checklist of what you have or need, now check all the packed boxes one by one. See if anything is missing or left at the old place.

Check all the boxes properly. Take a look in case anything is damaged or broken. You can keep the cardboard boxes at one side after taking the object out, and you can send them to any nearby store for recycling.

Save The Wraps And Kits

While packing all the items for moving, you must have packed all the objects with the various types of wraps. Now, as you are inside your new house, our advice is to keep all the wraps and kits in a safe place in any storeroom or the top of the cupboards.

You can use all of them again anytime. Tie all the wraps like bubble wrap with a rubber band after rolling all of them with each other. After this, you can keep it safely in any place for further use.

Arrange All The Items In The Closets

After two to three days of moving, it will become challenging for anyone to unpack and arrange the clothes and daily necessities in the closets and the cupboard. So, do it on the first day of moving in.

Make sure you arrange all the clothes in the closet only after placing them in the hangers. Organize the closets properly because later on, it gets problematic. Keep the unnecessary trash outside the closet.

Do The Proper Cleaning Of The House

Right after moving into the new house, do the proper cleaning. Removing dirt and dust from the house is essential for making the place healthy.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt from under the furniture like sofa, couches and dining tables, etc. Mop the floor with any disinfectant or fragrant liquid mixed in water. It will make the floor germ free.

Also, do not forget to clean the dust from inside the closets or the cupboards before keeping any item. If you don’t want to clean your house by yourself then don’t worry we are here for you, we have one of the best cleaning services in Hamilton.

Get The Knowledge Of Where To Keep The Trash

It would be best if you did not throw any unnecessary things here or there. It is against mannerism and etiquette. It will not look nice if you throw the garbage anywhere near or even inside your house.

Firstly, you should keep all the garbage separately in different bags. Do not mix the kitchen trash with the regular house trash. Now, tie those bags with any rubber band to prevent the garbage from falling out of them while moving.

Figure out by yourself where to keep all the trash. Different places have different setups by their government about this. Some have local trash bins, and some may send any vehicle as a door to door service to pick the garbage from every house.

You can also take the help of any nearby living resident of that place.

Meet People Living Nearby

We understand that relocation is extremely tiring. Sometimes it makes you feel sad also as the place is going to be very new for you and you may not know anyone there, which can make you miss the old place more and more.

We want to tell you that socializing is the key for all to feel good. Get up and talk to people living nearby. You can also plan a party for everybody. By this social gathering, you will get to meet your new neighbors quickly.

Wave towards them and tell them that you are going to live in this space from now. You can also give them welcome gifts, fruits and flowers as a good gesture, which will make it easier to initiate the conversation.

Check The Maintenance Of The Gadgets

Maybe the apartment or house you moved in is not newly constructed. In that case, make sure you check the prefixed electronic objects like air conditioner, geyser and heater. Check whether all of it is working correctly or not.

Clean the items if needed. Check if the AC unit, geyser or heater is damaged or not. These three objects are essential, and you can’t take any chance without them. You might need all the items every day, so it’s important for you to do the repairs if needed.

Set All The Utilities Of The Kitchen And The Bathroom

Here comes the central part of setting all the utilities of the kitchen and the bathroom properly. Do it anyhow on the first or second day after moving. You will need the kitchen and bathroom to use daily.

This is that one place that comes under the list of basic needs of anyone in their houses, and nobody will compromise on it. It is better to set all the utilities in one go. This will make your stay comfortable and happy ever after in your new home.

Complete The Registration Everywhere Necessary

This is to be as urgent as possible. Get yourself registered in the nearby government office to update your address.
This is how your address in every document will be updated separately. Every state has different rules. Figure out what are the documents needed for identification purposes and to prove your residence.

Update all the required documents for registering any new vehicle, like a car, if you want to buy any. Any person working in the government registration office will help you with this.


Take all the details from them about it, and try to do it as soon as possible. There should be no delay in this because the process itself takes a lot of time. Apply for this in the very first week of your move. Do not forget it in any case.

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