When you’re moving to a new place, it can be a challenging task to transport all your belongings without any hassle. Relocating to a new location is a dream for many, and people save money their entire lives to achieve the day where they can live in their dream house.

During the moving process, it’s crucial to plan smartly to ensure a smooth transition. Moving all your belongings to a new state or city can be a burdensome task, and you may feel the extra load during the process. This can create issues for you before or after the move.

To avoid any problems, it’s important to have a proper idea of all the belongings you have and which items you want to take with you to the new place. Some of these items will be large, while others will be small. It’s important to separate the items before the move and keep only the essential ones.

At Hamilton Removalists, we understand the importance of managing your belongings and keeping them safe and secure. That’s why we offer both house removalists and office removalists services in Hamilton.

Instead of throwing away items that you no longer need, you can sell them to those who might need them. This will not only help someone in need but also provide you with additional space and money.

To help you organize a successful moving sale, we’ve listed out some fantastic points for you to add to your To-Do list. With our expert services and tips, you can make your moving process more manageable and hassle-free.

Plan Your Moving Sale At Least Two Weeks Before

There is a sure possibility that you will not handle everything just before the moving day. It can be pretty tricky for anyone to find people to buy your items a day before moving, and nobody will get ready to buy this from you soon.

So, you must make up your mind at least two weeks or, if possible, a month before the fixed moving day.

Keep The Useless Items Separately

Now, you have already decided to organize a sale for the items you do not need. Then, start separating the useless items from the important ones. Keep them just on one side of the house.

If you place them in the box, label them with their names, like television, refrigerator, etc. Make sure you clean the items before keeping them inside the cardboard box. Remove all the dust and dirt properly.

Check if the items are working correctly or not. If possible, try to switch on each one of them one by one to make sure they are working or not.

Please look at every item to get the surety in mind whether you want to sell it. After doing all this, then only you should start other plans about the arrangements for the sale.

Decide The Venue

Deciding on a venue is very important. It should be a place where people can easily reach, and that place should be at least in the middle of the city or the site which is always crowded.

Get this one thing straight in your mind: the more people will get the information, the more possible it will arrive on the day of sale. You can also decide the venue in any nearby location if you live in the middle of city life.

Make Pamphlets Or Posters Of Your Moving Sale

Now! As you have made your mind about the sale then, start doing the promotions. Make plans for it. Make posters to paste on the nearby local streets to gather more and more people for sale.

Print a few pamphlets where sales are written in bold letters. This will attract people who will be passing from there. They will see the sale and maybe tell other people about it too.

This will increase engagement during the sale. People will be excited about it. Advertise as much as you can. Figure out the days suitable for you or good for the sale.

It can happen to be on any day of the week, depending on the country you live in. In some countries, Sunday is considered a free day, and some have other days of the week as a free one.

One more important thing is to be very honest. Do not lie to anybody about the items you have. List the number of items on the posters or flyers with all the details.

Write the size and colour of the clothes or any other object correctly. Also, write how old that thing is. Do not show any extra smartness here.

Simply write about the time you used it or give it to you by your parents or anyone else. This will create real bondage to people that your sale is hundred percent genuine.

Invite A Few People To Help You

You may need people on the day of the sale. For this, ask your friends or family members to help you on the day. Tell them at least three or four days before the sale, so that they will take out time for you easily without any excuse.

Be true to them about the details of the objects you want to sell. Show them the clothes, accessories or any other object you want to put on sale. Also, make sure you tell them the exact price range you are planning to sell each item on.

One other thing is to give them an idea about how much discount you want to give on the items. If they have all the details and knowledge, it would be easy for them to make you meet the amount you have in your mind for sale.

Do Not Forget To Put Price Tags On Top

Yes! Here is the non-forgettable point. Put price tags on every item. It doesn’t matter whether it is a piece of cloth or a vast television. Just put a price tag on the item.

This will help people to understand the price range you are interested in. It will prove to be a practical step on the day of sale because the sale day would be a very busy one for you.

You will not get time to come to each counter and tell the item’s price to customers. There will even be your friends or people to help you, but it’s not just possible for you to tell the price or discounts to everyone for the different items simultaneously.

While choosing the price for the items or even during the sale, keep one thing in mind all the time, that you are not here to be a marketing expert or to achieve more money.

All you are doing is because you are moving. You want to get rid of the items which are of no use for you.

Keep The Essential Things With You

Be ready with all the essential items on the decided day for sale. You will need change to give people to sell the item. This is why we suggest you go to the bank two days before the sale.

Get some coins and small notes for change. Keep these in a small bag or purse, which will be easy for you to carry. If the customer gives you a big note, you can quickly return the amount through coins after the calculation.

After this, you will also need tapes and packaging material to pack the sold-out items. To present the item to the customer, you need to pack it correctly with the tapes and wraps.

So, make sure you keep extra tapes and wraps with you all the time during the sale. Also, get a calculator if you need it, and it will make the work of urgent calculation easy for you. This will give you the answer to long numbers in seconds. This is an excellent item to save time.

We advise you to arrange these essential items at least two days before the sale.

Keep The Items Correctly On The Day Of Sale

When you visit any departmental store to buy something, you see how they keep all the things properly. Every item there is well flashed to customers, and keeping it like that makes selection easy for the customers.

Nobody likes to enter a store where all the things are kept on top of each other. You have to follow the procedure of the departmental store. Keep all the items properly. Organize everything in a systematic way like a departmental store do. This will attract customers.

Donate Whatever You Do Not Want To Sell

As we have mentioned earlier, your goal is not to sell the items but to get rid of the extra things before moving to a new place. We have a suggestion, and that is to donate it to needy people.

Specifically, people who cannot afford to buy it. You can donate your kids’ old toys to an orphanage, and you can also donate the refrigerator to any nursing home. This would create a good and grateful memory for you before leaving the place.

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