We typically hire professional movers, such as house removalists Hamilton or office removalists Hamilton, to relocate our items as it appears to be the most convenient way to move. We pay them to handle all of our moving tasks, including bringing their own equipment and necessary tools. However, it’s possible that some moving companies near you aren’t suitable to choose from.

It may sound improbable, but some moving companies are scams and will seize your belongings and sell them in an auction if you don’t pay them. When you engage a moving service, you must ensure that they are a dependable and licensed moving company and not a scam. Thousands of complaints have been filed against moving companies in the United States, which most people aren’t aware of.

You must conduct a thorough investigation into their credentials and reputation to ensure that you engage with a good moving company. A moving company may be regarded as a stereotype for moving scams.

Here, we’ll share some signs of moving company scams, allowing you to recognize them and avoid entering into a deal with them.

Signs Of Fake Moving Companies

Scam moving companies have some signs that are quite different from good and reliable moving companies, which include:

Demanding Large Deposit Before The Move

Remember that a professional moving company will not charge you more than 20 per cent of the security deposit, and they will always refund you if you change the date or like to cancel your move 48 hours before moving.

And on the other hand, a scam moving company will charge you a large amount of money as a security deposit and will not refund you any cash if you make any changes or cancel the move.

Doesn’t Provide You With A Written Estimate

Another sign of a scam moving company is that they will not provide you with a written estimate for your move. On the other hand, a professional house moving company will always provide you with a written moving estimate, including all the charges on a moving day.

Here it would be best if you remembered a few things that there are two types of estimates:

  • Binding: This means that the estimated price will never change.
  • Non-Binding: This means that the estimated price will include extra charges depending on the packing, situation and other factors.

Determine The Charge Right After Loading

Remember that spam moving company usually works in this way as they first show you a very low estimate and then load all your belongings in the truck.

After loading, they suddenly increase their price and tell you that they will keep your items hostage before you pay. Stay away from this kind of scammers and hire a professional house moving company that sticks to their words and provide you with reliable services.

No Pre-Move Survey

Another sign of a fake mover is that a fake mover will not agree to give you a pre-move survey or on-site inspection at your home or apartment and will give you a low estimate on the phone.

It is a standard scheme of almost all the fake movers. They will carry out that they will give you a low estimate on the call and will never show up to check your items to increase their moving cost afterwards.

Remember, a professional moving company will always provide you with a pre-move survey and not change their estimate price afterwards.

No Physical Address Or Office Existence

Mostly scam movers will not have any physical existence or licence to run a moving company. Remember, if your moving company doesn’t have any physical address or any paper of licence, then there is a hundred per cent possibility they will be a scam moving company. Before hiring any moving company, make sure to look at their licence papers and office address.

Doesn’t Provide Moving Responsibilities & Rights

According to law, all moving companies should provide you with your moving responsibilities and rights brochure without hiding any required information.

And on the other hand, spam movers will not provide you with both pieces of information. Remember to get all the required information from your movers and choose the right one for you.

No Secure Insurance Policy

Most moving companies will falsely claim that they will cover all your moving items in the insurance but remember there is a considerable difference between valuable coverage and insurance.

Don’t get manipulated by their extensive talks and no works. Make sure to cross-check whatever they claim that they will do.

Don’t Represent Themselves Properly

When you call a moving company and they pick up a call and don’t represent themselves as their moving company’s name or say themselves movers or packers, this means that they are scam movers and a scam moving company, though.

Remember, professional movers always represent themselves as moving companies.

Don’t Have Own Trucks Or Warehouses

Remember that a professional moving company will always have their warehouse and moving truck with their perspective mentioned name.

But if you hire a moving company and find out that they don’t have any warehouse or moving truck of their own, then at that time, you need to take a step back because there is a hundred percent chance that you are dealing with a spam moving company.

Claims That You Have More Stuff

A spam moving company claims that you have more stuff than you are paying for. It is usually not a sign of a spam moving company, but if your moving company’s representative says so, make sure to check their checklist and estimate paper to ensure their reliability and truthfulness. And at last, have everything double-checked.


Make sure to check everything and ask your movers these questions, and if they tick right on all these mentioned points, they are a professional and reliable moving company. You need to thoroughly check all points and everything before hiring a removalist company. Otherwise, you will end up giving your belongings as a hostage and after, they will be sold out at the auction.

Hiring a moving company will decrease your workload, but if chosen the wrong option, it will also make you regret it afterwards.

So discuss everything before taking any decision with your family and friends, take their advice, and then, after analyzing everything, take a decision that will prove beneficial for you in the future and make your move a memorable one, not a regrettable one.

When you find a moving company nearby, you will find thousands of them, but not every moving company is the right choice. Remember, don’t get manipulated by what they say. Get everything written as proof; otherwise, you will get cheated on and lose all your belongings.


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